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Heart Attack Ethiopia is dedicated to implementing impactful projects and initiatives that address the root causes of heart disease and stroke, and improve cardiovascular health in Ethiopia and other African countries. Through collaboration and innovative approaches, we aim to make a lasting difference in the communities we serve. Here are some of our upcoming projects and initiatives:

Ethiopia and most of Africa has very limited to no access to lifesaving emergency cardiovascular services and there are  disproportionately low numbers of fully trained interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in the region. Therefore, Heart Attack Ethiopia will partner with local government and other nongovernmental organizations to support the establishment of advanced cardiovascular centers and service lines and will use a mission based group of cardiovascular specialists to provide a sustainable cutting-edge cardiovascular care to the people of Ethiopia and beyond. 

We collaborate with local healthcare facilities and stakeholders to both build and improve existing medical facilities and infrastructures for  advanced cardiovascular care to manage all cardiovascular emergencies and beyond. This includes providing essential medical equipment, supporting the establishment of cardiac care units, and facilitating the training of local staff in specialized cardiac procedures. 

As the nonprofit arm of INTIMA International LLC, Heart Attack Ethiopia Inc, supports the project to establish the first ever comprehensive cardiovascular center of excellence (INTIMA Cardiovascular Campus) in Ethiopia, subject to Heart Attack Ethiopia executive board’s approval.

Mobile Clinics and Outreach Programs

To reach underserved communities, we organize mobile clinics and outreach programs. These initiatives bring medical professionals, diagnostic equipment, and essential healthcare services directly to remote areas, ensuring that individuals have access to screenings, consultations, and basic medical care.

We provide training and capacity-building programs for healthcare professionals, focusing on the latest advancements in cardiovascular care. By enhancing their knowledge and skills, we aim to strengthen the local healthcare workforce and improve the quality of cardiac care across the region. 

Telemedicine and
Remote Consultations

To overcome geographical barriers and improve access to specialized care, we utilize telemedicine and remote consultation services. This allows individuals in remote areas to connect with our team of experienced medical professionals, receive guidance, and access follow-up care without the need for physical travel.

We conduct community health education campaigns to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke, targeting both urban and rural areas. These campaigns include interactive workshops, health fairs, and educational materials that emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, early detection, and preventive measures.

Research and Data Collection

Heart Attack Ethiopia actively engages in research and data collection to better understand the prevalence and risk factors associated with heart disease and stroke in the region. This data helps us tailor our interventions, advocate for evidence-based policies, and measure the impact of our initiatives. 

We work closely with government entities, NGOs, and other stakeholders to advocate for policies that prioritize cardiovascular health. By forming strategic partnerships, we aim to influence policy decisions, secure funding, and create a supportive environment for preventive measures, early intervention, and access to quality care.

Thank you for visiting our Project/Initiatives page! Please note that the projects and initiatives mentioned above are representative examples of our ongoing work. At Heart Attack Ethiopia, we continuously evaluate and adapt our projects to address the evolving needs of the communities we serve. 

Together, let’s create a healthier future where heart attacks and strokes are preventable, and everyone has access to quality cardiovascular care. 

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