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Poverty is a complex and multidimensional problem, the causes of which are both national and international. A universal solution to the problem could not be found that could be applied at the global level. All countries had a shared responsibility to take action to combat poverty.

Such different poverty.

There is the so-called concept of absolute poverty, which is based on the concept of the poverty line. If your income (or consumption) is below that level, you are considered poor.

Programs tailored to fit the need.

Different countries have adopted different approaches to combating poverty. It is often assumed that poverty is a person’s personal choice. Therefore, state assistance should not provide the poor with a too comfortable existence – everyone receives social assistance in the same amount.
The continental model of poverty alleviation is based on a developed system of compulsory insurance. According to it, the longer and more fruitful a person works, the higher his level of social protection.
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